Real Estate

UAE is known for its ability to attract foreign investors and remains a trading center between the East and the West. Dubai in particular has emerged as a hub for real estate business attracting many developers, construction companies, investors, brokers and end-users in the sector.

Combining a broad experience and technical legal expertise in the real estate market with in-depth knowledge of the federal and local laws, regulations and practices relating to Real estate and construction matters in the UAE, Binu Karthikeyan is best positioned to advise contractors, investors, developers, owners, buyers/sellers, brokers, landlords, tenants ,real estate and construction companies on the full spectrum of transactions ranging from construction and Development   to Sale/Purchase disputes. He boasts a high rate of success in protecting the clients’ interests in every step of Sale and Purchase transactions of Real Estate.

His expertise in commercial properties with unparalleled industry knowledge and commercial focus makes him well-placed to assist individuals and real estate professionals and companies enabling them to deal effectively with any problem and to develop adequate strategies at every stage of the dispute. He regularly advises clients on disputes involving;

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Lease renewals
  • Rental disputes for commercial, retail and residential property
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Property lease
  • Joint ventures in Development and all property related transactions
  • Construction and real estate Contract disputes
  • Sale and purchase disputes
  • Sub -contactor disputes
  • Investment acquisitions, disposals and portfolio management
  • Disputes between investors, developers and contractors